that want to steer clear of the traditional wedding scene and throw up a middle finger, or two to the

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overbearing families


Hell, why not just say f*ck traditions and say your vows in the most dope place you can imagine? Eloping with us means that you get to experience the elopement of a lifetime with a dope ass team of ladies who make this effortlessly enjoyable. 



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I have moody spectacular works of art that I absolutely treasure

“When I was looking for a wedding photographer I was picky. Not only was I looking for someone LGBTQ friendly, but I was looking for someone unique. I'm a creative person myself, and I wanted my photographer to reflect that but also really captures us as a couple. When I came across Sierra's website INSTANTLY I knew I had to have her as my photographer. 

“I reached out explaining, that I was having a small intimate ceremony but didn't care for the super traditional shots. I wanted art to plaster on my walls. Sierra freakin' nailed it. The way she used natural light from right before golden hour right until freakin blue hour was INSANE. She produced images I am in love with, making me happy each time I view them not only that, but everyone I have showed my photos to have been in awe by what she captured reminding me this is something they have never seen before with wedding photography. We still have a few traditional shots because I wanted to capture memories of who was with us.”

Juanita & Nicole

It truly felt effortless but it’s because she puts in so much work to make you have the best stress-free day! 

‘My elopement with Sierra was a real-life dream come true! She brought me all the ideas and we worked together seamlessly. She made the whole process as easy as can be. Her skills behind the camera are superb and I’m so happy with the outcome. I thought taking pictures would be awkward but the relationship she built before the big day made me and my husband feel so comfortable with taking our pictures. It truly felt effortless but it’s because she puts in so much work to make you have the best stress-free day! Eloping was the best decision we could have ever made."

Jon & Amanda

If you want a badass elopement photographer BOOK WITH SIERRA & the GJP team. They will help make your day exactly the way you dream it being!”

"I knew I wanted to elope and have Sierra as our forever photographer. We clicked instantly making our dream for elopement day. Her greenhouse was perfect for our ceremony with our children, parents, and grandmothers. Sierra captured us in the most perfect way. We didn’t want the traditional wedding bullshit- we took a shot of Crown Royal in the middle of our ceremony as a symbol of unity then left out on our Harley Davidson in our wedding attire. Fast forward to September 2023, we took her to Puerto Rico for our private vow ceremony/honeymoon that she planned for us throughout the year. She helped scout the perfect places to capture all of the emotions, details, & our love for one another. 

Matt & Hunter

I’m sierra


I'm a passionate elopement photographer based in southern Virginia 

I enjoy trying new things, especially if they involve tacos, a good hard cider, head banging rock music, and breathtaking views. You'll always see me wearing all black, all black everything-not sorry.

I love traveling to places that leave me completely dumbfounded at Mother Earth's beauty and getting to know you and your fiance so well before your big day, that I can easily capture the raw intimacy between you two when your elopement day arrives. 

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